Hopping and leaping about - why? It's Spring!

A Spring bunny for you - to put a bit of spring in your step - or certainly a hop in your step!
  • Perfect for your Easter table celebration!
  • Perfect to use up your small bits of stash!
…And all dressed up for you in his favourite sweater! PATTERN HERE AT THIS LINK

Blossom + Birds

= Blossom birds - a simple equation for Friday
And a simple pattern for #freebeefridayknits pattern here

Wish blossom would last forever?

Knit your own (my solution to everything.... well almost everything!)
 #freebeefridayknits free pattern for today is here!



Happy Friday - here's another #freebeefridayknitsWhat are your plans this weekend when you aren't knitting?


Wouldn't that be nice?  -
#freebeefridayknits free pattern here

Never a dull moment cushion

Flip it over and over - make life more interesting... ahh - it's the little things he he!!
Free for you today 'cos it's #freebeefridayknits again folks! Just click this LINK!

Pick up a... pigeon

interpret as you will - it's your #freebeefridayknits pattern for today!

where will your little pig be going?

... to market, to town - of just a staycation?
This weeks #freebeefridayknits is here

First blossom!

So excited - not only is it #freebeefridayknits Friday - and half term week - but this morning we awoke to find that our apricot tree had bloomed - this for us is the first sign of pending Spring - so a day to celebrate indeed!
Hope you enjoy making these leaves by the way! (free pattern here!)

first blossom...

It's hare again...

but bigger this time - I do love 'em... #freebeefridayknits pattern here
@dotpebbles Instagram for more pictures and more past #freebeefridayknits 

Hare we are again!

Fridays do come around at a swift pace these days... which is great - but I don't want to wish my life away... #freebeefridayknits free pattern {here} time - leaping hares this week (whatever next? - follow the feed to find out @dotpebbles

sheep on an hill

...aka sheep teacosy - I know, it's crazy, loopy, baa-king mad - but then who say's we have to take life seriously all of the time? - Free pattern - "HERE"

Bah! Even eggs feel the chill!

But for no longer, not with this sheepskin coat - keep warm and carry on!
 - #freebeefridayknits free pattern here - Ravelry